Chlamydia Workshop (DCW) in 2023

Dear colleagues,

You receive this email because you have registered for the German Chlamydia Workshop in the past.

To revive the workshop spirit and to get together again after the two-year break due to the pandemic, we would like to know whether you would be interested in a brief Chlamydia Workshop meeting in 2023 in either Berlin or Düsseldorf. We envision a shorter than usual workshop to avoid too much overlap with the CBRS meeting, which many of us are looking forward to attending.

Having a workshop meeting before the CBRS meeting next year, would provide an additional opportunity to meet informally, particularly for those who cannot attend the CBRS meeting.

We would be grateful, if you could provide your feedback about a possible DCW meeting (2 days, 1 overnight stay) between 27.2. and 3.3.2023 using this form:

Many thanks, and best regards,
Jan, Thomas, Dagmar, Georg, Matthias, and Hans